The holiday period is one of crazy, festive joy. From December 24th to January 1st, there’s a whirlwind of fun events, family meetings, and glamorous parties to attend. In all that excited chaos, two key events stand out as the most prominent of occasions: Christmas and New Year’s Eve. These two occasions, while differing in nature, both demand your best style in the form of a chic outfit to wear.

Christmas Outfits

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is almost here again and with it comes magic, joy, happiness, and one inevitable question: “What should I wear?” Christmas is an occasion that calls for something extra special. Not only does it need to be befitting of the festive celebration, but it also needs to see you through a full day of gift giving, eating way too much food, and catching up with family members of young and old.

When it comes to choosing exactly what to wear for Christmas, remember that balance is the key to a great look. Your aim should be to find a happy medium between festive and stylish, dressy and comfortable, on-trend and classic. One of the easiest ways to do this is by wearing a chic dress with festive accents and accessories. The look is perfect for all types of Christmas events. Simply choose a dress that’s classic in style and add in your favourite festive details such as glittering jewellery, pop bag,  gold or silver metallic details.

Top Tips for Christmas Dressing

  • Consider the location and weather before dressing.
  • A dress is a great choice and makes outfit coordination easier.
  • Aim for classic with a nod to current trends.
  • Jumpers with reindeer and earrings with bells are best reserved for ironic Christmas card photos.
  • Save your high heels for New Years and choose short, comfortable heels instead.
  • Finish with stylish accessories and jewellery that add to your festive vibe.

My Choice

This stylish outfit choice is the perfect mix of festive and fashionable for Christmas.  This warm winter comfy dress made from cotton fabric will give you gentle line and classical elegance. Add drop earrings that contain all the necessary bling for the merry holiday, the cute, “cocktail hour” clutch.  Finished off with a pair of modern heels, this outfit will have you looking and feeling charming and comfortable all throughout your celebrations.


For the majority of us, New Year’s Eve is the biggest night of the year. Even if we’re not avid party fans, we still love to go out, have a dance and enjoy the company of close friends as the clock ticks over to the new year. As well as being a whole lot of fun, New Year’s Eve is also a great chance to show off your style.. No matter if you’re heading to a rooftop cocktail party to watch fireworks, having a romantic dinner and drinks with your other half, showing off your killer dance moves at a nightclub, or simply attending a great house-party with your friends, New Year’s Eve is the time to look your best.

New Year’s Eve will undoubtedly be here before we know it, so it’s best to plan your look now. While sequins are a common choice for the special occasion, you needn’t wear them in order to shine. Other textural fabrics, such as lace and silk, are all perfect attention-grabbing alternatives. Remember, you want to look chic and a little sexy, so keep your look elegant with excitement in the details. Embrace current trends that continuously go around the fashion cycle, such as feminine lace and sexy, androgynous looks.

Top Tips for New Year’s Eve Dressing

  • Check the dress code for your event.
  • Have fun with textures and fabrics.
  • Let the details become the focus.
  • Unless you want to look like a disco ball, don’t go overboard with sequins, embellishments or jewels.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear.
  • Remember to keep your look classy

My Choice – Option 1

This first outfit option is the epitome of feminine elegance and is perfect for a New Year’s Eve spent with your significant other or closest female friends.  This tight, knee length dress with built in, swanky lace collar with floral pattern, has a traditional feel while staying modern. The clear line with marked 3D details is contemporary and classic all in one.


My Choice- Option 2

This second option features a cool, androgynous outfit that’s both stylish and comfortable. Contemporary and oh-so-chic, this look is perfect for ladies hitting up the best bars and cocktail parties this New Year’s Eve. Who said you need to wear a dress to look sexy? This gorgeous outfit oozes confidence with its powerful look and turns a masculine design into feminine flair. A great mixture of classic pieces, such as dark pants and a white silk blouse, with eye-catching details, such as a chic jacquard blazer, this option is a great choice for the first hours of the new year.


Still, if you are one of those women who love dresses, the glamorous bodycon jacquard dress is the best choice for you. The geometric front side and the clear line give more elegant look.


So, whether your holiday plans include a formal dinner and rooftop cocktails or a relaxed lunch with the family and a house-party, be sure to brush up on these styling tips and outfit ideas this celebratory season. What are your styling tips for holidays’ dressing?

Image Source: Lila Style House