Did you know that Kate Middleton has worn a dress by the Bulgarian designer? And a few years ago Valentino presented a collection inspired by Bulgarian traditional clothing and recently Lady Gaga shared that she is inlove with Bulgarian fashion brand.

Bulgaria is not a big player on the world fashion stage, but it has designers whose creativity and talent might surprise you. In the Bulgarian fashion design world you could  discover both classic and young designers and their works.  Bulgarian fashion is a perfect choice if you are looking for casual but perfected, simple but elegant, and definitely comfortable garments.

In Bulgaria there are many  still unknown but emerging brands who have very interesting style and vision: while some designers are laying the foundations of contemporary unisex streetwear, others are looking back and taking inspiration from the country’s recent past. Then there are labels shifting perceptions of lingerie, creating a sustainable fashion for the future, or reimagining elements of Bulgarian folk culture in new and innovative ways. The drive for these brands comes from many different directions but together, they are are putting Bulgaria on the map.

The Bulgarian designers are courageously pushing the boundaries and breaking down the barrier of trend-following. They explore new aesthetics with monochromatic and deconstructed garments that shift the attention away from the expected contours of the female body.

Some of them merge communist aesthetics and authentic folk elements with contemporary streetwear fabrics, couture and embroidery. The designs often borrow from the Cold War period, combining communist-era motifs with international fashion trends. The result is clothing that is functional, edgy and unisex.

Bulgarians love handmade items. And if we have any particular requests or simply want to unchain our creativity, we are happy when it is possible to order a tailormade garment which will be designed especially for us. So most of the Bulgarian designers offer the customers to customize their favorite item by choosing different color, lenght etc. Last but not least – in Bulgaria all of this comes at very affordable prices.

There are also many local accessories manufacturers: shoes, bags, hats and jewelery, that are very artistic and creative. These so important accents in ladies’ clothing are in different styles and from all sorts of materials. Jewelry from leather, wood and plexiglass combined with natural stones. Bags with a non-standard shape, but extremely comfortable and functional. Quality footwear on the latest fashion trends that you enjoy with pleasure and pride on city streets. A variety of products that can certainly satisfy every woman’s taste.

Bulgarian goods have proven their high quality for decades. Most of the production was made for export, including for European countries. I believe that today the Bulgarian producers should be given the chance to regain their lost markets and to establish Bulgarian brands on the world market. In my opinion the native designers impress with their beautiful thinking about fashion and include one important common line – the magic of the Bulgarian. The boutiques here have very positive energy and a simple look. In most cases their collections are small, but creative, artistic and made for us – the people who love the different.