In the begginning of every year we make important decisions, we want to make changes and feel like starting clear. This also applies to our worderobe – it is important to deside now what new we want to include, what to keep or throw away.

1) High quality fabrics – wool, silk, cotton and flax

If you hadn’t pay attention to the content of your clothes, now when you have the oppurtunity to update your warderobe is the perfect time to do it. Make something good to yourself and to your skin this season. Once you feel the comfort of the high quality, natural fabric, you won’t want to look at polyester.

2) Colourful clothes

Add new colour in your warderobe. Something bright and fresh or gentle and pastel. Choose it depending on your skin colour and personality. And why not the shade you always wanted to wear, but you never had the courage?

Are you tired of the traditional white shirt for the office? Replace it with a colorful pastel color and refresh the classic suit.

SHOP THE LOOK – LILA STYLE HOUSE – Shirt in soft shine olive green

3) Simple lines and clasical cuts, a must  for the confidense woman

In the days when it’s hard for you to combine your clothes, the classical ones will be always there for you. The simplier is the line, the harder is for you to make a mistake in the size and the silhouette. Classical blazers, trausers and dresses are the perfect base for a bold experiment with the accessories.

SHOP THE LOOK – LILA STYLE HOUSE – Elegant navy blue cold wool set

4) The perfect dress for every occasion

How many classical little black dress do you have? If the answer is zero now is the time to buy one. Choose one with light and feminine details, that add cool and interesting touch to your style.

SHOP THE LOOK – LILA STYLE HOUSE – Bodycon dress with white lace collar

5) The unique garmet that express your personality

Everyone loves to feel special. And if you hadn’t found the right occasion or reason to feel like that, now is the time to do it. Make yourself a special present – a garmet made especially for your size and style. But not because of the ovations of others, though they will not miss you. Do it because of the feeling you will experience by possessing something unique.

Designer Model, rare fabrics, innovative but comfortable cut – choose something limited to make you feel different and special.


And in the end, a few of my shopping advices:

#1. Don’t buy only because it is modern

Start building your personal fashion style, that suits your personality and inner world.

#2. Don’t buy only because it is a deal

Learn to value the high quality clothes and invest in them. Look at this as an expression of a personal position and understanding of the world that surrounds us.

#3. Always have in mind your body proportions

I know, you think that this fit dress is almost talking to you “We are meant to be together”. But you have to be wise and choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. Wear them with comfidence and you will be always irresistible.

Image Source: Lila Style House