Lila Style House is an independent Bulgarian fashion brand creating limited series of female clothing.

Lila’s vision for the female outfit includes both classic and new perspectives for elegance and style.  The minimalistic and simple lines aim to show today’s ambitious woman confidence and strength: authority and tenderness in the delicate contrast of black & white laces; abstract prints to emphasize the female sensuality; high class fabrics and meticulous execution to enhance the feeling of luxury and class.

If you have a Lila Style House clothing and you no longer need it, but you think it can be worn by somebody else, now you can send it back to me!

✅ Send a message here, through the contact form or to our Facebook page with the text “Second life” and a picture of the product you want to return.

✅ When you receive a confirmation email you have to send it back to us.

✅ In return you will receive a discount voucher. The value of the voucher is determined by the type and condition of the returned garment.

✅ You can use the voucher for buying some of our newest products.

✅ The returned clothes will get a new chance for life, like “second life” products.

Recycle with Lila Style House and shop smart!