As a Client/User, you are entitled to return products from a completed ORDER to the e-commerce site It is also possible to make a replacement as long as we have availability of the product, which you want to exchange.


You do not need to give a specific reason for your decision to return our product, but you can take advantage of this right within 7 (seven) business days reported from the date of receipt of the products from the ORDER.


You need to inform us of your decision via an email sent to or by using the INQUIRY form in CONTACTS from the main menu of the website. This form, as well as the CONTACT: address, telephone, email, you can use to get in touch with us about any questions and alerts, including complaints.


Within 2 (two) business days, you will receive by email specific instructions regarding the return, replacement or claim process, and the address where you need to send back our product(s).


Return and/or replacement options are:

  1. Return products from a completed ORDER

You need to return the products to the address we specify by following our instructions in the email sent to you for this purpose. The cost of shipping the products upon your return is at your expense.


Delivery costs are non-refundable and remain at your expense – Customer/User.

Bank and other costs and fees made by to receive the payment for your ORDER and to service our back payment for returning the value of the returned products, are deducted from the value of the returned products subject to return by


We will reimburse the returned value for the returned products within 7 (seven) business days reported from the date of their receipt to the address we have specified in our return instructions email.

If you have made a payment for them with cash on delivery, we will refund the value of the returned products by making a bank transfer to a bank account specified by you or a postal order, and we will deduct the cost of making our payment from the amount to be returned.

In the other case – upon your payment made by bank transfer and/or credit/debit card, the bank charges and fees paid by us as a merchant for accepting your payment and for servicing our back payment will be deducted from the value of the returned products.


  1. Return of products upon refusal to accept the ORDER

If you refuse to accept the ORDER products or fail to provide conditions to accept the products of the ORDER you have made on our site, you are obliged to pay the courier service all costs for the delivery and return the shipment back to the address of Sender in case the delivery is done under the conditions of “charge”.

In the other case, if you make a bank transfer and/or a credit/debit card, we will refund within 7 (seven) business days of your denial the value of the products in the ORDER, the cost of delivery and return back. The sender’s address, as well as the bank charges and any fees paid by us as a merchant for accepting your payment and for servicing our back payment, will be deducted from the value of the declined products.

Refunds for declined products can be made by bank transfer to a bank account specified by you or a postal order.

If you refuse to pay the cost of delivery and/or non-acceptance of the deductions described above in items 1 and 2, shall have the right to take any action permitted by law to collect the relevant amounts due.


  1. Replace products from a completed ORDER

You need to return the products you request to us at the address we have specified by following the instructions given in the email we will send you for this purpose in response to your written notification containing your replacement request sent to or using the INQUIRY in CONTACTS form from the main menu of the website.

Replacement can only be made on condition that we have availability of the product you want and the appropriate color, which we have explicitly confirmed in our email mentioned above in this section.

It is also possible to exchange the same or higher value with your other existing product than your original purchase. But if the new product has a higher value than the product already purchased, additional payment must be made.

The costs of returning the products that you have requested to replace and those for the delivery of replacement products are at your own expense. The return delivery cost is covered by the customer. The value of the replacement cost of the replacement product, along with the surcharge amount, if you have chosen a more expensive replacement product, you need to pay in a way you choose as described in the PAYMENT  METHODS of the present GTC.

When replacing a product, the applicable clauses of the ORDERS chapter of the General Terms and Conditions apply to the website


  1. Reclamations of products from a completed ORDER

The subject of a return signal is a product that is found to be inconsistent with the order of the materials or workmanship as well as any other inconsistency of the delivered product with the quality and the characteristics of the order ordered through the Contract for Order and Sale between Customer/User and

In this case, as a Customer/User, you may require us as a merchant to bring the product into compliance with the Purchase and Sale Agreement.


You need to send the alert to address by specifying the specific reason for the claim and specifying product identification information – type and number of the item in the online store, size, color or fabric, ORDER number.


You will receive an opinion on your claim at your provided email address within 7 (seven) business days reported from the date of receipt of the advertised product by us. You will receive an email, in response to the claim, within 2 (two) business days after the receipt with instructions for sending the product.


The decision on the merits of the claim is taken by the merchant after a careful review of the advertised product.


In case of a reasonable claim, the period for its satisfaction is 30 (thirty) business days, and for this period, at our discretion, we have the right to take one of the following actions:

  • Replace the product with a new one that has the required quality and features to match your Order;
  • Repair and/or remedy the defect, if possible, so that the product acquires the required quality and features that match your Order;
  • Refund the amount paid for the advertised product, including shipping costs, if we do not have stock availability or within 30 (thirty) business days.

In the case of a reasonable claim, the return shipping costs of the advertised product and the replacement of a new or repaired product are at the expense of the merchant

Unwarranted claims include, but are not limited to, cases of improper storage and/or use and/or maintenance of the product, as well as intentional damages and/or attempts for correction and/or repair. Such may be, without the list being full: stretching or tearing off stitches due to a small size; breaking integrity due to cut or tear; changes in pattern or sewing and related corrections; damage associated with non-compliance with cleaning instructions; contamination from different sources except factory defects of the materials from which the products are made.

Refusal to repair a defect and non-acceptance of a claim may also occur in the event of attempts from the Customer/User to repair the product or if a third person has also taken part.

In the case of unreasonable complaints, has the right to refuse to replace the advertised product or to refund its price or to remedy the defect, for which you will be informed in writing together with our opinion on the reasons for not accepting your claim.

Necessary conditions for replacement, return or reclamation of products returned to us

  1. The product must be returned in exactly the same condition in which you received it: unworn, unwashed, not modified in any way and with all of its labels and accessories.
  2. Products should not be used except in a single trial.
  3. Products should not have: breaks, widenings or other product integrity violations; scratches and the presence of stains from dirt ot them, except for factory defects – subject to claims.

When sending return products, the Customer/User is required to keep the consignment note/post office receipt until we receive our acknowledgment of receipt of the returned product. In the event that these shipping documents are not retained and the returned product does not arrive at our specified address, is not responsible for lost or non-arrived shipments due to the impossibility of being found. The responsibility for these products lies entirely with the Customer/User and their value, including the cost of delivery remains at his/her expense.

In case of product replacements, including complaints, in accordance with Article 59 (1) of the CPA (Consumer Protection Act), where there is no possibility of performing the replacement due to a temporary lack of product, size, color or fabric availability due to a new a batch of production, the Customer/User will be informed by email and, if possible, will be offered alternative items of quality and price corresponding to the missing product to be replaced. Customer/User has the right to refuse such shipments.