I do agree that men can wear a suit for almost any occasion – work, lunch with friends, red carpet events, parties, etc. However, females simply have more wardrobe options so the suit is usually just a work uniform. But it doesn’t have to be like that!

Dressing for the office in the morning takes time and energy, which is why the concept of a “work uniform”–wearing a variation of the same outfit every single day–has become so popular. Barack Obama, for instance, put on the same blue or gray suit every morning while he was in office to cut down on the number of unimportant decisions he needed to make. Then there’s Mark Zuckerberg, whose closet famously consists of dozens of the same gray T-shirt, allowing him to eliminate any sartorial choices so he can focus all his energies on Facebook.

That’s why when creating a collection I try to make different elements that are connected so that they could be combined in different styles and variations according to the situation. My mission is to  help women simplify their morning routine question “What to wear?. Below are some advices how you can wear a suit day and night.

#1. The most classic look is to wear your suit with a shirt. For a more feminine look, you can choose a silk one. It looks casual, comfortable, and really sexy. That way, you can be elegant and get away from the boring classic look.

#2.  You can wear a full suit to a party without looking like a secretary. The trick is to change your shirt or your shoes. If you want to keep your white collared shirt under your suit, change your shoes. It’s not appropriate to wear those 10cm heels to the office, but they sure look good with a suit on a night out! Or, you can change the shirt and opt for stylish lace blouse or a sexy top. The bravest of women skips the shirt altogether and wears only the buttoned up the blazer. One thing to keep in mind when opting for this look – wear it with confidence! And, of course, leave your big bag at the office and choose a clutch instead.

LILA STYLE HOUSE – Navy blue cold wool short blazer & Stylish natural white lace blouse

#3. Why not add some rock’n’roll to your look by wearing leather pants instead your normal suit pants? Not recommended for the office, of course, but really edgy when out and about.

#4. If you wear a full suit with a white collared shirt and office shoes, and you have unformal arrangement directly after work, I recommend you to skip the blazer and tie a black (or other colour, depending on your suit) tie with a big bow on your neck or cool colourful fiche. It will immediately give your look some coolness and will make it appropriate for a night out.

#5. If you combine your blazer with a skirt and a silk shirt, your look will be actually good to go everywhere – from the office to a date or to dinner with friends.

LILA STYLE HOUSE – Chic swanky jacquard short blazerShirt in soft shine olive green & Chic straight swanky jacquard skirt

#6. Play with colours. So you’ve got a black skirt or trausers that you’d normally wear with a black blazer when going to the office. But if you plan to go out with friends straight from the office, skip the black blazer (or vice versa) and wear a colourful one. If you mix the colours of your suit, it will no longer look like your office suit.

LILA STYLE HOUSE – Chic swanky jacquard short blazer

#7. Try a new colour. If your suits are mostly grey, blue, or black then we recommend a colourful suit for a festive event. Something colourful like red or yellow or bright white.


#8. And, one of the classiest ways to use some elements of your suit, is to wear your blazer over a shoulder while wearing an elegant strap dress. This way the blazer looks very elegant and can still keep you warm.

LILA STYLE HOUSE – Glamorous bodycon jacquard dressNavy blue cold wool short blazer


#9. The most unusual way to funk up your suit is to add a classic tie under your blazer. Yes, it’s borrowed from the menswear and sounds a bit masculine but when worn with confidence, high heels and red lips make it look even better on a female.

What do you think of the costume as part of the ladies’ warderobe? Do you dare to make experiments  and what are your favorite combinations?

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