The fall is a great time to experiment with your wardrobe and test out combinations you may have never considered.The mixture between lace with cozy knits and classic outerwear are not only sexy but also incredibly romantic.

Need another excuse to buy a new lace dress? Tell yourself it’s for your autumnal wardrobe, but choose an option that’s actually seasonless. This timeless fabric is flirty, sophisticated and a little sexy.  Exquisitely detailed embroidery and intricate lace patterns will be a huge part of the autumn fashion scene and pairs well with the textures of the fall season.

1.Add Some Layers

A crisp, fitted jacket with beaded detail or embellishments complements the richness of lace and offers that textural layering without being over the top. You could also combine your lace dress with tights, boots and some fall accerories like a scarf or a hat.


2. Choose Bold Colours

Mandarin, bordeaux  and red are zutumn-worthy colours which look bold and beautiful. While spring is all about the pastels and florals, look to lace dresses in monochrome hues. Take inspiration from the landscape around you and of the colours and textures of the falling leaves and moodier tones. With lace, you don’t need an intricate print or bright colours as the focus and highlight should be within the lace work itself.


3.Lace Sleeves

Lady-like lace with sleeve detail is so elegant! Let’s face it, autumn can be a bit fresh on the limbs and therefore picking a stylish dress which also adheres to the cooler weather can be difficult. Sleeve dresses are having their heyday and no longer are associated with something you’d find in your mothers closet.


4. Lace Details

The lase is so seductive, evocative and capable of tickling the imagination that even a few centimeters can be enough to transform the soul of an outfit. It is the ideal accessory to complete your fall look –  a laced shawl or collar, a sophisticated blouse with lace sleeves or ultra sensual below the knee dress-overalls with a wide, flower pattern embroidery added to the hem-line.

LILA STYLE HOUSE – Black silk overalls with black laceBodycon fine wool dress with 3D white  or green collar

Lace is the perfect accompaniment to the crisper, richer autumn season. Follow some of my tips on how to incorporate this delicate detail into any outfit. Remember, the rule of Autumn  -adjust to the change in cooler weather. Long sleeved dresses are generally the go-to, and if you are going to wear a sleeveless dress, look to a stylish coat or jacket to wear over. Heels should be closed-toe or a boot, and it is also encouraged to select fabrics and materials in heavier styles such as felt, wool and lace.

Image Source: Lila Style House;