We all like to be — or at the very least try to be — smart with our money. But that doesn’t always mean choosing the least expensive option. In fact, sometimes the pricier item or experience can be the one that is most worth your hard-earned cash, while the cheapest can be the biggest waste. It can be easy to throw your money away at dinner with friends and nights out, but there’s a couple of things you should consider investing your money in.


Something that no one tells you as you’re preparing for adulthood is how expensive mattresses are. So heads up, you’ll have some shock. But is is realy important to take the time to find the perfect mattress. Good sleep is so important to being your best, so find one that fits your budget, but most importantly makes you sleep like a baby.


You will either pay for your health now or later. I suggest investing in your health today. Invest in your health by making healthy choices daily. You may be tempted to eat out for every meal, but do future self a favor and invest in filling your fridge with healthy foods.  Your body and mind will function much better if you feed it what it needs. That means you’ll be able to perform your job to your greatest ability.


We often want to save money for what the future unfolds and many people push travel plans. While saving is essential what is also essential is that you explore the world. Rightly quoted by St. Augustine — “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. I am a firm believer that travel is worth infinitely more than what you put into it. A few years from now you will never remember the cost of what it took to get there but you will always treasure the learnings you gained from it.


Try new kinds of food, meet people with different views & beliefs than you. Having some amazing, eye-opening experiences  can completely change your outlook on life. It can also change your idea of what you thought you wanted for the future. Do some things you’re really scared of, like bungee jumping or skydiving. It might be a little pricey but you’ll never forget it, and there’s no feeling like conquering your fears.


Having great quality clothing is a huge investment that we don’t think about and often gets overridden by the thought that we could have some for less money. This is something that is worth having and will stay around for many years to come. There should always be some items of clothing that you really invest in and I find that these are the simplest of items and are the cornerstone of a good wardrobe, these include:

  • High quality shoes
  • A nice coat
  • Stylish natural tops and shirts
  • A fitted blazer
  • An elegant dress

Image Source: Lila Style House; Pexels.com

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