In a previous post, I mentioned that I put scrap material from my production into new products. If you are wondering what they are and how it works, you will find out below.

As you already know, the fabrics I use for Lila’s clothes are mostly natural and of high quality. Throwing away the leftover material is equal to sin to me.

Nowadays, recycling of fabrics has so developed so much that you can find recycled everything – dolls, accessories, jewelry, Christmas toys, even paintings.

However, I decided to use my leftover fabrics for something quite simple but attractive and in addition to the main products I produce: men’s pocket squares and scarfs.

Have you ever wondered how to “match” with your Dear for a special occasion? A handkerchief for him with matching pattern of your dress is a great solution! Furthermore, what’s a better excuse for your next fashion investment than this simple but luxurious gift? 🙂

You are “the Dear” but have no one to match with? Well, a simple pocket square can draw attention even in the regular work suit. And who knows, maybe you’ll recognize her by the matching dress? 😉

Photos: Jonathan Borba/ Pixels