Ever take a day to shop and walk right past the row of designer stores without even taking a glance? Telling yourself they’re too expensive. Then do you walk into a fast fashion brand to score a whole outfit for the same price as just one shirt at one of those designer brands? Maybe you feel even a little proud of yourself for scoring such a deal? But do you know what that “deal” is really costing you? It may be time to reconsider your shopping habits and start stepping into those designer stores.

Fashion is a widespread language understood by people all over the world.  It celebrates the beauty, each person’s individuality, and creativity. Clothing can be attractive at any price. What is important is how you wear it. Fashion comes to your help, puts emphasis on your qualities and hides the disadvantages. Making sure you wear what you should and what characterizes your personality will boost your self – esteem and confidence. This is what fashion is all about.

But what clothes should you choose to buy? The designer labels or the fast fashion ones?

Fast fashion business models are built to keep consumers coming back, and often. They do this in two ways. First, they continually pump out new designs to make the clothes you just bought look out of fashion after the first time you wear them. Second, they purposely make clothes cheap so they fall apart after a few wears (definitely by the end of the season).

Sure, you’re paying more for designer clothes. But, unlike fast fashion, there’s more of an investment in what you’re purchasing. First, designer brands often make one line for each season. So what’s available in the beginning of summer is exactly what they’re selling at the end of summer (just a few items), so you won’t feel out of style after one wear of your clothes. More so, some of the best designer clothes are classic looks that can last years without ever looking dated.

Designer clothes are also made at a much higher quality. This will guarantee that your garmet won’t fall apart after one wear, and if treated well, can last a long time. (And if you’re spending the extra money, most likely you’re going to treat it well!)

Of course, not all designer clothing is made equal, and it’s still up to the consumer to seek out brands and pieces that have a good price for the quality. Let’s try to answer some important questions before taking the decision.

Do designer clothes or fast fashion make a hole in your pocket?

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for. When it comes to fast fashion, that statement is true. You pay low prices because you get low quality. The prices at fast fashion retailers  are cheap because the fabric and construction of their clothes are cheap. That is why fast fashion is sometimes called “throw-away” fashion. For the middle-class people, the designers clothing look expensive sometimes when they expect to buy the same quantity as when buying fast fashion clothing. However, there are those designer labels more affordable collections and then there are also those sales periods when you can buy them at a better price. This brings us to our next question:

Which one is a better investment?

For sure the designer clothes are better investment. Even though they do go out of fashion just like any other clothing, they worth much more and hold their value for longer than any fast fashion store. This is due to the name, to the quality and to the fact that they are found in small quantities.

Which one last longer?

Yes, they do and this is because of the good material quality they have. Smart people understand that value is about what something is worth, not just what it costs. Spending $20 on cheaply made pants with uneven seams and a zipper that sticks is not a good value. Clothes that start to fall apart after a few washes are not bargains.

Quality or quantity?

If you prefer to have more items to choose from, you are a “fast fashion” person. But if you want to have someting unique and tailormade, you are (just like me) a designrs clothes lover. That is also one of the reasons for making the first of the “Made to order” series – the unique “Cloud coat” with a minimalist look and eye-catching details!


Does this mean that you have to spend a lot of money in order to be fashionable?

You can be fashionable without spending too much money and make wise choices with your fashion style. It is important to be conscious while trying to stay fashionable. You can look fabulous in both couture designer clothing and fast fashion clothing. It is you that counts and what you convey through those clothing.

Do I wish I had more designer labels clothes? For sure as I know they are made with care and a good quality production system is in place and most important – they are unique. Did you that that hat dress you just bought is more well traveled than you? Raw materials can be shipped from China, India or the U.S. to places like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan and the Philippines. Not to mention all unethical practices for manufacturing. Did you know how are the workers who made the fast fashion clothes being treated in the workplace? Are they being compensated and treated fairly?

It is important to know how to choose what to wear, feel that garment and give it a personality. Fashion is a choice, and this is the beauty part of it so let’s try and make it something we are proud of and wear our clothes with pride.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any more pros and cons for designer labels vs fast fashion?

Image Source: Lila Style House; Pexels.com


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